Retirement can also bring financial strain. Seniors often face the challenge of managing with less cash flow than they anticipated or coping with unforeseen expenses.

We understand. There are lenders dedicated to empowering older Canadian homeowners with smart, simple ways to use the value of their home during retirement. That might include major renovations, paying bills, vacations or assisting with a down payment for a loved one making a purchase.

Choosing the right reverse mortgage lender can be a challenge as they offer differing amounts, rates, fees and terms affecting mortgage costs. A reverse mortgage solution can help many homeowners over 55 enjoy more financial flexibility without having to sell or move. A reverse mortgage might be the solution for you.

Features of a  Reverse Mortgage

  • Homeowners age 55 and older
  • No payments are ever required
  • No Income qualifications
  • Little or No Credit requirements
  • Qualify for up to 55% of the value of the home depending on the lender
  • Money can be received as a lump sum, or over time or combination
  • Owner maintains title
  • They can sell or move at anytime
  • Receive the money tax free


“A reverse mortgage is a way to take advantage of the equity that you have in your home and use it for whatever purpose you want.”
Sandy & Christopher M

“If you sell your home you’re gonna be living off the proceeds and what you’re doing now is not selling your home and living off the proceeds.
Edward F

If it wasn’t for CHIP we would have had to sell our home.”
James B

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